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Are you tired of experiencing recurring sewer problems? Do you suspect that there is a hidden issue in your pipes but can’t seem to figure it out? Then it’s time to consider a sewer camera inspection.

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At Ponderosa Inspections, LLC, we understand the frustration that comes with sewer problems. That’s why we offer a comprehensive sewer camera inspection service in Reno, NV. Our inspectors help you identify any underlying issues in your sewer pipes. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians, we can accurately pinpoint the root cause of any problem in your sewer system.

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Video Camera Inspection Done Right

We use a specialized camera to observe the building’s sewer pipe. Many defects could be found, such as cracks, tree roots, crushed or deformed pipes, or debris/grease build-up. Much of the building sewer is buried and cannot be inspected without special equipment.

Many home insurance policies and home warranty policies do not cover sewer line damage. Even recently installed buried sewer lines can have damage from heavy equipment being driven over them or debris entering the pipes during assembly.

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Don’t let clogged drains or sewage backups disrupt your daily life. Contact Ponderosa Inspections, LLC today to schedule your sewer camera inspection and take the first step in resolving your plumbing issues. We serve clients in and around Reno, NV.

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We do NOT remove toilets to do this inspection. If a toilet must be removed for camera access, we will refer you to a licensed plumbing contractor.